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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 major money earning programs for bloggers

Blogging initially came into existence to offer information about any general topic or some of the professionals use to make an online presence through blogs but nowadays one could easily earn money through blogging. Search engines don’t mark bad impression for these blogs which tends to earn some money making use of their content writing skills. Now the question arises how to earn money? But before that it’s important to know that is your blog eligible for such kind of programs or not because it’s not so easy job to earn money online as there are many big players who have stuck their foot in internet marketing from couple years. All money programs have their different terms and conditions which are to be determined by the blogger thoroughly. After checking all conditions if you agree with them next step is of filling out your blog information in the required field but concentrate fully while filling the information as it’s a one time effort. Your application is revised by site moderators and if approved then your blog is ready to earn money. Here are some extreme ways to convert your good traffic into dollars:

1. Pay-Per-Click Programs:
Generally people likes PPC program because it’s simple and easy to put on your blog. You need to bring more ‘n more visitors to increase the volume of clicks on advertisements because the formula states that more visitors = more clicks = more earnings. Usually payments are made through cheques and paypal but for further details check out their sites. Below are some well known sources which are trusted bodies from the point of payments:

Google Adsense

2. Affiliate Programs:
Another important way to earn money through blogging is affiliate marketing program which means you have to send the visitors to their sites and if they fill out application page successfully you will get paid. In simple words “you will be paid only if he/she fills out the required fields and not just for the click”. If you have traffic on blog then it is beneficial because the commission which you get is very high as compared to PPC program. Payouts are made through cheques and paypal both. Here are few largest and popular affiliate programs:

Commission Junction

3. Review programs:

Now here comes my favorite money earning source which is simplest and also high paying program. All you have to do is just submit your blog/site and wait for their approval. Once you got approved they will regularly give offers to write a review of product and if you want write the review and let them know. Site admin check your review if they likes the quality you will get paid otherwise not. Usually you gets approved its rare chance that your review rejected. One of the major reasons of rejection is the duplicate content, so try avoiding it and write yourself in simple language. You may use these sources mentioned below:

Link worth

4. Sponsor links:
Want to have full control over the earnings and also don’t want to share your earnings with others use this technique. You don’t need to submit blog/site to any other money earning program because it’s all in your hand that how much money someone has to pay to advertise on your blog. Generally big players whose blogs are popular and having good online existence they adopts this technique because there’s no bar for earning. Specially this one doesn’t need any sources all you need is to make a column of advertisement in your blog/site where ads could be placed.

5. Donation:
Very typical and hard one but best for the blogs/sites which are based on general information and don’t have promotional content. I have seen this technique in a blog while searching information about my exams. After reading every useful point which I need at last they were asking for donation if someone wants to give from their own wish. You cannot force anyone but generally if people really get some help from that specific blog they donate some dollars.

Hopefully all these techniques may help bloggers to earn money easily without some hard efforts. All you need to do is concentrate fully while submitting your blog to such programs.


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