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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Earn money online without using keyword research!

Too many internet marketers today look to keyword research as the Holy Grail. There are e-books, articles, and software with the sole aim of helping people research keywords more efficiently. However, keyword research has one major flaw: When you research keywords you are finding out what keywords other people searched for in the past. All of the keyword tools that we use only show historical data of searches that already took place. However, you should not care as much about what people searched for yesterday. Instead you want to know what people will be searching for tomorrow! The reasons are very simple:

1. Everyone trying to make money online builds websites based on what people searched for in the past.

2. You want keywords with high search volume that people are not building websites about yet.

So the logical question is how do you find the keywords that people will be searching for in the future but people are not building websites or marketing products for yet? You need to predict, make an educated guess, what people will be searching for in the future and start building pages for it now. For example:

Ever year there is a Super Bowl. Build pages for “year Super Bowl winner.”

Ever year there are new holidays. Build pages with the holiday and year in front of it, Like 2010 Valentines Day or 2009 Halloween.

Create pages now for future hurricanes. The names are released years in advance.

Create sites/pages for American Idol contestants once the list is created and in a few months, a few of them will be very popular search terms.

Follow press releases and start building pages for products that companies have announced they plan to release.

If you start building predictive pages six to nine months in advance you will have plenty of time to build the pages, let them mature for the search engines, and begin building the necessary back links to receive a high ranking. By implementing this tactic you will be able to capitalize on high search volume keywords that your competitors do not even consider until it is too late

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Justin Torres said...

This is my first time to know about this topic that anyone can earn money without using keyword research. I must try it!

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